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Fires and floods - 2 part question - UPDATED

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  • Fires and floods - 2 part question - UPDATED

    With the terrible events across the nation do we have any word on how our fells groomers are managing? Am sure that those in the midst of the disasters can't post but maybe others have heard something.

    How is our groomers assistance fund set to help out those in need? Do we need to do an additional fundraiser beyond Herdhey this year?
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    the only fund raiser, that I'm aware of, in Hershey is the Silent Auction....and, if I'm not mistaken, all of that funds goes to a foreign country to help the poor. Where is the other fund raiser that you are talking about ?

    Happy helping groomers out

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      That's why I'm asking. Thought groomers assistance fund was to help those in need following disasters - such as Sandy, etc.


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        Workingchihuahua might have your answer she is part of GEAF or something like that.


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          Mary Oquendo will know.

          Admin: I asked Mary if she could keep us up to date if the GEAF has been contacted by groomers.


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            Mary says groomers affected by floods and fires can request assistance...........

            Application has to be filled out and submitted. Applications can be downloaded from the website.


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              Thanks Admin and Mary.
              Guess it's too much to think that those whose homes and businesses are flooded or ravaged or destroyed to stay in touch. Silly of me but I was hoping that maybe nearby groomers to those directly affected could relay info. The GEAF does a great job but I could always send some extra equipment on to those in real dire straits.


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                Wish more people would donate to them, they have tried hard over the years.