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Pet clientele lost or presumably lost in CA fires

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  • Pet clientele lost or presumably lost in CA fires

    Talked with a couple of groomers in the last few days, 1 mobile and 1 with shop, about the effects of wildfires. Last year both lost clientele from the fires, one a whopping 40 plus pet clients. Many people leave pets home alone while they work and fire conditions can quickly change and they explode travelling many miles per hour in a direction not likely, at least it seemed so. Areas are cutoff and residents cannot return home to free their pets. The one with the shop for the 2nd year a row lost 3 pet clients (about 20 last year) in the Clearlake area when fires returned a few days ago. I know another groomer facing this today in this fire and once again sudden changes prevented people from being allowed to return home. I hear a livestock shelter got everything from tortoises to cattle and another facility dogs and cats but until you can go home, where are your pets. Kathy (my groomer friend there) said that many customers call her to cry on her shoulder while they wait to find out the fate of their pets besides their homes. Just another side of grooming and running a business we don't often talk about, and how close we can be to our clientele.

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    We lost a dozen dogs we groom from flooding about 10 years ago. Lots of grief and most found new pets in the next year or two. That waiting to find out is terrible.


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      New Jersey pet people including groomers organizing assistance and supplies for Louisiana flooding pets. Donations of supplies etc being accepted.