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Such a Sad Sight.

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  • Such a Sad Sight.

    The other day I did a dog for the first time. It was a very large dog, they said Great PyrXNewfie, however I believe it was Great DaneXNewfie due to coat and height. The thing was half way to crippled. It's front legs touched at the fetlock half the time with his right foot out and twisted at an awkward angle. His hind legs also touched half the time and he walked very narrow to take weight off the worse hip, yes the WORSE hip since both were bad. He could not sit down straight, always crooked and he had to use this weird spin/twist to get his legs underneath him to stand up (reminded me of the motion dogs do when they are born without the use of their hind end).
    The worse part was... this dog was only a year and a half old!!!!
    The poor owner. She was very nice, has him on glucosamine, been to see the vet (who apparently said 'it's not hip dysplasia yet!'), of course the vet really can't do anything. You can't do surgery on one part cause the other parts won't be able to take the added strain. The dog, sweet as a button. I had to groom him on the floor due to his size and mobility issues and he'd roll over for belly rubs, but he's going to be completely crippled by the time he's 3 years old and he's too big to be able to help him much. It was so very sad to see. I've never seen a dog so young be so crippled.

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    It's all these crazy crosses. No one is trying to better a breed, they are just thinking of the money from any crossbreed. At our vet clinic in the past week and a half, the vets have diagnosed 8 cruciate surgeries. When I asked them what could be causing so many, they said bad breeding was most likely the cause.

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      How sad that the dog is suffering for the breeder's greed.

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        That's hard when their so big- their weight really works against them.


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          Ugh, some breeders.