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"Fear Free" Approach Vet Pet Care (article)

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  • "Fear Free" Approach Vet Pet Care (article)

    Your dog or cat needs to go to the veterinarian, but you hesitate to take your furry friend because it stresses them — and you — out.

    Blake Dickerson and his business partner, Trent Eddy, understand that situation very well. Both pet owners and veterinarians, Dickerson and Eddy opened their own business, Ironhorse Veterinary Care in Leawood, focused on minimizing those fears for both animal and owner alike.

    The vets opened their clinic in October 2015 offering what they refer to as a compassionate alternative to veterinary care.

    Q: What services do you offer at your clinic?

    “We do preventive care with examinations that include vaccinations, heartworm tests … and we can work up sick animals,” Dickerson said. “We do surgery and dental procedures using the latest equipment including digital X-rays. We do lab work in house and can send it out, if necessary.”

    The clinic focuses on dogs and cats only; they do not provide boarding or grooming services.

    “We are really big into preventive care,” Dickerson said. “We try to do a lot of education on what type of vaccinations to use, what pets need to be tested for. We recommend exams every six months to get to know the animal better and prevent problems.”

    Q: What is this “fear-free” approach?.....................
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    One more way to jack the price of vet services, imo!
    Ain't always easy to stand up for what is right.


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      Trying to recoup the costs of education and repay loans for renovations and up to date equipment, I'm sure they aren't the cheapest place to go. But their concept is interesting. Pheromones, treats, I feel like I've read posts here of salons using those same techniques. Not having to drag their dog into the vet's office (or through the groomer's door) would probably make a lot of pet parents feel better. And the concept of well-pet visits , sounds like the vets' version of a groomer's maintenance program.


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        You have read on here about pheromones and treats...most vets (and a lot of groomers) ALREADY use these things, as well as promote "Wellness" checks. This place is trying to stand out as though they are the first to think of these things....NOT!!!!!
        Most owners will still have to drag their dogs in the vet door, jmo!!!
        Ain't always easy to stand up for what is right.


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          Exactly! Whether we need to recoup thousands of dollars or hundreds of thousands of dollars, both professions are working with the same creatures, and utilize many of the same techniques and skills. I went to their website to read a little more. The fear free less stress aspect is heavily promoted (along with of course their utd equipment). Good advertising, will surely gain them many new clients, especially the Nervous Nelly type pet parents. Many of the fear free concepts are sensible and easily utilized (and,as we've noted, are already being utilized by many groomers). I, however, am not giving my clients a choice of where they are groomed and in what position (other than compassion for elderlies, puppies, and special needs). I expect them on my table, in my tub, and standing. We don't have the luxury of knocking our clients out before we wield sharp instruments near them!


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            "Special techniques." Lol.

            So... It's a vet clinic that does routine vet clinic stuff. Even the most podunk country vets I know try to be compassionate and do things like offer treats. About the only woo thing I read was the pheromones. I like to think that most vets went into it to provide compassionate care. I'm all for compassionate treatment and easing stress however possible, but I opened this expecting to see... I don't know what, but more than just generic, "we do whatever we can to minimize stress." Ok? "Fear free" is such a misnomer, but I ain't gonna hate on anyone who can turn a phrase to earn a buck, I reckon. If people are willing to fork over their hard earned dollars on the premise of, "OMG this place does exactly what the other places do, but the name makes me feel better," more power to 'em.