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Samson - the Biggest Cat in NYC

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  • Samson - the Biggest Cat in NYC

    This is no itty bitty kitty.

    A Brooklyn feline named Samson weighs in at a hulking 28 pounds, making him NYC’s biggest puss.

    “He’s the [largest] cat in the city, and I welcome any challengers to step up,” says Samson’s owner, Jonathan Zurbel, 42, of the 4-year-old purebred Maine coon, who is an impressive 4 feet in length.

    “He is by far the biggest cat I’ve heard of, especially in New York City,” confirms Dr. Lisa Lippman, a Manhattan veterinarian who says that most cats she sees weigh around 10 pounds.

    Maine coons are the largest breed of felines, but even they typically average only 15 to 25 pounds for males, according to Maine Coon Fancy, a Web site dedicated to the breed.

    Not surprising given his hefty dimensions, Samson doesn’t act like your average kitty.........
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    Hey Carolyn -- Nice job grooming him! He looks fluffalicious!


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      Wow, that's a lot of cat! He is gorgeous.


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        Beautiful cat, wow.


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          What a cat, love that look and size.