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Drying poodles super straight/

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  • Drying poodles super straight/

    Have Poodles and Bichons always been dried so straight in shops say in the 70's and 80's or is it a newer thing? If anybody is old enough to know.

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    Absolutely, I have a family member from 60's as groomer and they used oster stand dryers and brushes.


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      Sure I started bathing drying about 1964 when I 12 years old and stretch drying was norm. It is the way to get an even cut.

      On this same note I remember when clipper combs first came out and they were controversial among some groomers. In fact if you used them there were groomers that would have not so nice things to say about your skills. "Slamming" was alive and well in those days among some groomers, only we didn't have the Internet to broadcast it. Today clipper combs are pretty much universal.

      I remember the first set we got and the arguments started. In that time groomers took much pride in being scissor finish ONLY, scissor everything basically. In fact my mother call John Stazko and they talked about this. That is when my mother started using the term "commercial groomers" for what most of us are today. We learned to use clipper combs on well stretched dried dogs and saved time versus full hand scissor, and then using the scissors to fine tune the style. In fact I think combs made it more important perhaps for really good stretch drying to get an even length.

      Combs saved a lot of time and commercially served the average pet owner with time and money savings. After using combs then we did the final hand scissor finish far more quickly. Well, the final groom was just as fine and many found their hands felt not holding scissors hour after hour to finish. Well to most. Believe me there were truly HEATED arguments in those days with these "newfangled clipper combs," and I remember groomers changing their advertising to say we do full scissor finish, never combs. Things settled down in a couple years.


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        With all the doodle variations we have today, I could not imagine having to hand scissor them. Thank god for Wahl bravura and metal snap ons!


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          The reason I was asking is there is an old photo of groomers from the 50's or 60's or whenever on the Dog Groomers Rock facebook and the poodle that is being worked on looks like it is being dryed to look more curly. Also I was reading about the coats on several dogs in the AKC book and it so often stresses that overall the dog is to look natural. So I was just wondering if the highly groomed look was a more recent thing for pet grooming.


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            Dogs definitely are getting more polished and stylized over time. I think that's a difference of products and technology as much as preference though. Not that groomers of the past weren't trying to get a neat, straight finish, but they didn't have the high tech shampoos, high powered dryers, finishing products, etc. that we have now.

            It's really fun to look at champion dogs from a long timeline. Poodles and Bichons in particular have seen some pretty dramatic style changes.

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              Yes, old groomer here. Went to grooming school in 1969, and then went to work for a pro handler who showed a lot of poodles. We did hand dry the poodles back then-pets and show dogs. (there were no bichons at that time). Took forever with a low powered stand dryer. We were showing a samoyed who was the top dog in Canada in 1971. My job was to bathe and dry him. Took about 4 hours!! Oh, to have had the equipment then that we had today! He was dried from start to finish(stretch dry) with that old dryer.

              Yes, Plaid, the dogs are much more stylized in the ring today, and that has been a big part of why the pets are as well. Oddly enough, the show poodles carried way more coat back then, and most were shown in English Saddle trim. Lots of work for sure!
              Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

              Groom on!!!


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                I am particular about stretch drying and don't allow my bathers to rely solely on the HV force, you can tell the difference, brush must be used.