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    Hey guys! I'm new on here so not really sure how it all works yet. I just wanted to make a post about a grooming job opening up in San Diego . I work at Earthwise Pet Supplies in down town San Diego but I'm moving back to Chicago in September. My shop needs to find someone to replace me. It's contract work but you'd be the only groomer working there so you take on all the clientele. It's a really sweet gig and I'm trying to help them find somebody ASAP so they won't be screwed when I leave. The position would be part-time for now and then go full time once I leave. My store does have a listing on the site you can look at to get the contact information. It's Earthwise Per Supplies. Any questions you can ask me! I'll also be the one doing the test groom cause, like I said, I'm their only groomer. So hopefully we find someone who fits! Thank you!

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    I think I saw your company ad in the Calif section of ads here too. If not yours you should list there.