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  • Super Zoo in Las Vegas

    Has anyone competed in the Rescue Rodeo at Super Zoo? I have signed up but I don't know what they provide/groomers provide. I'm going to assume they provide the tub but what about dryers? I'm taking my own shampoos and shears but where can I find information about they will have set up? I haven't been able to find it on the Super Zoo website but I could be overlooking the link.


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    They provide a tub with I think a bathmaster (it dispenses shampoo and water at the same time) system with shampoo. I didn't find it adequate personally. But still it's there. I don't recall any conditioners being provided. There are tables and dryers. Make sure you bring a grooming loop, those are not provided, and maybe even one for the bath and one for the actual competition table so you aren't using a wet loop. Pretty much need to bring anything you need for any type of grooming. You may get a chow with a ton of undercoat or you might get a toy poodle.

    I am so bummed that was the one thing I wanted to compete in this year and for some reason all the notifications by email went to my junk folder. When I finally realized I should have been signing up, it was full.


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      Thanks Cockerlvr! That is exactly what I need to know. Are you going to Super Zoo?


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        I am!