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Maybe he had a bad day?

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  • Maybe he had a bad day?

    Ok... Story time. *long post so sorry*


    I work at a pet store with a small grooming room in the back. The owners also have supermarkets and there's one in the same shopping center as the pet store. I'm the only groomer there and I work Tuesday through Saturday. I take my appt book home in case I have an emergency and need to cancel my appts for the next day. My co-workers are great... They're store managers and they take all calls up front and if someone asks for the groomer, they transfer them to my phone in the back. I work 9-4 most days and when I'm not there (after 4 or on my days off) people leave messages on the machine and I ALWAYS call back as soon as I get in everyday...sometimes they just leave a name and number with the kids up front, and I ALWAYS get those notes and call back asap.

    That was to give y'all an idea of how the place is run. Here's the actual story. So one thursday, I got a call from a very angry man we'll refer to as J. He yelled at me over the phone after I told him my next availability wasn't until that next Tuesday. He was all bent and went on about how he "waited patiently all week and never got a call back" so I politely explained to him how the calling system works and if a message is left with a name and number I call back 100% of the time. Apparently that answer wasn't good enough and he told me to get everyone in check because "it's not [his] responsibility to call back." But sir, if you don't leave your name and number how do you expect me to call back? Oh, you need your dog groomed today even though I'm overbooked and am staying until 6:30? Tomorrow at 9:30am doesn't work because you have to go to work? Well sir, what would you like me to do? "There are a bunch of other places I can take my dog to." Okay, have a nice day.

    But wait, there's more. A week went by and J called again. This past Tuesday he called and I recognised the voice and number so I flipped through my notes just to make sure and got anxiety because I was not up for getting yelled at (but who is)? He was like a totally different person. Called me "Hun" and "sweetie" and "sweetheart" and told me to have a wonderful day... Even after I told him he couldn't come in until Friday at 3, he said that it wasn't a problem and he'd make it work... He was overjoyed to find out my name is the same as his daughters. Days go by and it's Friday afternoon. 3:00 comes and in come his kids... Most awkward children I've ever met. Long story not made too short, when they pick up the dog they tell the girls up front that "this is embarrassing but my dad didn't give me money.... But he called the supermarket and spoke to the manager there and they said he can pay tomorrow... Thanks, bye." No tip, didn't even pay. Well, Saturday comes and goes and still no J with our money.

    What do we do? Should say no if he tries making another appointment, right? Do I call and ask if he's ever coming back? What would I even say?

    Sorry for the long post, just needed to share that with all of you and get your opinions.

    EDIT: wanted to add that only I can make the appointments. If I'm not there, the managers and cashiers can't schedule people for me.

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    Kind of sounds like he robbed you. I think you should call him and tell him he has until Tuesday to give you your money. If he doesn't show up with your money, you should file a police report for theft of services.

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      Talke to manager and see if there was a conversation and ask what they want you to do. If it's up to you then I would call and ask him for payment . If he doesn't answer/call back/ or pay, then if he calls for another appointment let him know that you cannot book a new appointment until he has made full payment for his last appointment. Do not waiver on this, if you can't take payments, or he won't do payment over the phone then too bad, he can't make an appointment until he comes in and pays the last appointment.
      Next time, do not give the dog until you checked if the manager had talked to the man. If he didn't, call the man (while still in possession of the dog) and till him you can't release the dog until full payment is made.


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        Personally I would write if off. I wouldn't return his calls if he leaves messages. Maybe he's mentally ill. Maybe he's just bad news. In either case, I'd want to stay as far away as possible from him. If you do wind up speaking with him, I'd be sweet as sugar, but say that you're sorry but you can't schedule him. If he starts to yell or curse, just say, "I can't talk to someone who is cursing and yelling. Good-bye." Don't take a stand and try to be above him -- that could get him wanting revenge. Just be soft and sweet and say you can't.
        I feel sorry for his children. Who knows what kind of nightmare they're living in.
        This deal where he tries to get you to feel guilty, then doesn't pay? Out of a scamming textbook. He prepped you so you'd be more likely to let his poor children walk out of there with the dog.


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          I'm confused.....Sooooooo....why did you release the dog to his children without payment ?? don't go to Macy's and grab some cloths and promise to pay tomorrow, or go to a grocery store, and walk out with a cart full of food, promising to pay next week. I would contact him, requesting payment immediately, or take him to small claims court. With his sweet talk and sending the kids in.....he deliberately pulled one on you, and you guys fell for fix it by calling the police (to get a police report for court) and following thru with the legal process.

          Happy never seeing him again

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            Or it could just be the holiday weekend that kept him from coming in to pay. Ask your manager if the man called to see if he could pay later, could be he was told next week would be fine.
            But this is a wake up call for you to never release a dog without payment first or a call from your manager stating the man was given permission to pay later.
            Ain't always easy to stand up for what is right.


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              The only reason I gave the dog to the kids was b/c I give them a paper receipt and tell them to go pay up front, and they said "okay no problem." The managers up front believed their story of calling the grocery store and let them leave without paying. Both our faults but from now on I'll have the customers pay then come back to get their dogs


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                Another update...

                I talked to my boss about it and he called the supermarket to speak with the person who said okay to J wanting to bring in the money the next day. Apparently, the man is a regular customer at the grocery store who spends a lot of money there every week or so, he does have a temper, but they trust him enough to pay back. If he doesn't come in to pay this week, I have to let my boss know. I still think it's messed up and now I know what not to do when I have my own business somewhere down the line. People are very very strange.


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                  If you don't hear from him soon, call the other local groomers and warn them about this scammer.

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                    Originally posted by Bluedog View Post
                    If you don't hear from him soon, call the other local groomers and warn them about this scammer.

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                    I'm sure he called the other groomers around here the week before when Tuesday wasn't good enough for him