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Daycare and grooming operations

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  • Daycare and grooming operations

    If you offer both services how do you schedule the groom? If you groomed first and then provided daycare they get could messed up playing with other dogs afterward, so do you daycare first and schedule groom around the pickup time. And if there was a change to the pickup time and they get groomed last thing before pickup, and owner comes early, you scratch out the groom? Very curious what works best. THX

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    Good question, I sure know I would not do a groom and then put the dog into a play area with others. They could look a mess in minutes.


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      Daycare dogs get groomed towards the end of the day
      We usually had them done an hour or so before pick up and kept them seperate.


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        It can be a scheduling hassle but I agree daycare first, grooming before pickup and after groomed no more play with other dogs. Usually by then they are happy to rest alone.


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          Groom has to be the last thing and then I don't return to daycare area. Actually some of them are easier to groom after getting some play.


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            thanks for the replies