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Sort of a sad ending to last week.

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  • Sort of a sad ending to last week.

    My last dog on Saturday was a heartbreaker. Max has been coming in for the last four years, ever since one of my other clients convinced his owner to ge him in to our place for grooming and medical care. ( note: female owner is a real ditz - she kept her child in Diapers until age three and whined about it the nature time. Husband divorced her two years ago and she got the dog just so he wouldn't but she loved him- the dog that is)
    Max became blind and deaf about 18 months ago. He also had severe arthritis and was obese for years both prevented him from getting enough exercise.
    Anyhow -- he came in Saturday snd his left eye was bright red and bulging out of the socket. It was so painful thst the doctors had to tranquilize Max just to look at it.
    To shorten this. .... Max was put to sleep Saturday. He was 18, severe glaucoma, a possible tumor behind the eye as well , the arthritis was so severe his muscles were atrophying , and they didn't eve teller about the heart condition, and possible abdominal tumor.
    He was a sweet old man. One of those that brings you to tears when you think of him. Sorry to be a downer but he's been o. My mind a lot since then

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    18 years is amazing though. Especially given his condition was never optimum.


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      I am glad he had someone like you to care for him, and he did have a long life.


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        Sorry for your grief, I know what that feels like but he has moved on and you were so good for him.


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          Sorry for the loss but as others have said glad the boy had you for his groomer.