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How Do I Make/Get a Job Out of This?

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  • How Do I Make/Get a Job Out of This?

    I'm currently in grooming school.. The school isn't actually teaching me to be a competent, independent Groomer. We get one to two dogs a day, most of them shavedowns, with no real explanation as to why or how to make decisions (why this comb attachment over that one, why this style over that). A lot of our curriculum is watching DVDs from Jay & Sue, Jodi, and a couple of randoms in the industry. And most of the techniques taught in the video aren't used in the school (we can't clip against the grain, only learned about a wet clip when the school owner wasn't there because one of our test dogs was horribly matted but otherwise we shouldn't be doing it, don't have muzzles or e-collars for biters - just have to "figure it out"). But then our tests are breed tests where we get to look at textbooks and also "figure it out". Is this how people are taught? How do you actually get better with your technique? With your speed? I realized I'm getting anxious now because when I ask for help, I'm made to feel incompetent because I "saw" the video so Why can't I just get it done. I'm fearful because I had hopes of getting in with a good independent salon, but I don't think anyone will touch me with such little know-how. One graduate told us she's applying to Petsomething and they still want her to go through their Academy because she's not really up to par. And she had all As and Bs in the school like I do now. How do I move forward after school? Because I really want this.

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    Maybe see if you can shadow someone


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      Oh man! Get your money back and ho apprentice somewhere


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        Don't worry
        No grooming school prepares you to be a full-time, fast, competent groomer, -- or at least it's unlikely to happen -- so you're not worse off than many other aspiring groomers. School gives an introduction to the tools and techniques. Then you work for other people, or if you're dead set against that, you can try to tough it out on your own while learning by trial and error.
        Wherever you work, the salon may want to retrain you, because different salons have different ways of doing things.
        When you apply for a job, you'll be given a test dog.
        If you think you're not ready for that, you can work as a bather or a prepper at a salon.
        Good luck. It's a lifetime career, so try not to feel like it has to happen in a rush. I felt like you did, but it worked out for me in the end.


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 school, which unfortunately, the owner died and the school closed, was a wonderful source of info on all aspects of grooming. This was before DVD's, so it was hands on the total 300 hours. We had a very mixed crowd of dogs each day, so we learned on all breeds. The owner would go to each of the 6 tables and instruct, we had no classroom......just started out at the table and/or the tub each morning.

          Unfortunately, I've heard of schools that the students graduate, not knowing anything. One such student did a ride along with me and confessed her inability to groom different breeds......and this was after spending $3K and a "whooping" 80 hrs (64 hr grooming & 16 hr classroom)....yes....only 80 hrs to learn everything there is to know about grooming.

          Happy finding a better school

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            Schools really only teach the very basics of the grooming industry and give you a little taste of what being a groomer entails. Honestly, you could've bought those DVDs yourself. The best way to learn is to apprentice with a good, reputable groomer. Ideally, you would start as a bather and develop your handling skills, learn breed recognition, coat types, etc. When you become proficient in bathing, brushing, and fluff drying AND show that you can handle different types of dogs (scared, anxious, aggressive, etc.) without making them worse, then you would learn how to use clippers. BTW, a good grooming instructor would give you tips on proper handling. They would never say "figure it out".

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              I applied to the shop of my choice after grooming school and, after a demonstration, they hired me as a bather and they would train me as groomer. That was difficult to accept but it was the best decision I could have made at that point. I got paid too learn from two master groomers, hit started on my own national certifications and now I'm running my own mobile. Find yourself a good shop and do what you have to do. You can do it.

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                There are good schools and great instructors. I was fortunate enough to be at one of them. When I graduated and after a 6 week mentoring process I started working on my own. Conferences, videos, this forum and lots of effort and time devoted to improving have brought me to where I am today. Still with a lot to learn and constantly trying to get better but able to run my own place with a list of clients snd a continual interest from new clients.

                A good school will give you plenty of hours with a variety of breeds. Great instructors will explain and demonstrate the proper techniques for all aspects of the groom from bath to finishes.

                Your school is failing you. Sorry to say that but I truly believe you should get a refund of as much as possible and then find someone who will mentor you and give the money to them if necessary.
                You didn't say where you're located - or I missed it- but there are so many great groomers on this forum that in willing to bet someone will be able to help guide you.


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                  Three are some excellent schools, but they are not common. Pretty much everyone gets to do they want. This is not the worse at all, but not the best by far.


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                    Get the two good grooming books and sign up to you can watch videos and get help.