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What time does your salon close? Does anyone work for a salon with NO set hours?

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  • What time does your salon close? Does anyone work for a salon with NO set hours?

    The privately owned salon I work at does not have a specific closing time. The last "appointment" is at 1:00 or 2:00 depending on the day, and it basically closes whenever we finish, which could be anywhere from 3:30pm until 6:30 pm on a late day. The person in charge does not seem concerned about this at all, however it seems unfair to the clients and staff who do not know when the last pickup is or, for the staff, what time work will end on any given day.

    They basically call the last client when he's almost ready and say "oh and btw we will be closing at X time." And expects the client to be there by then. The staff gets burned out due to an overloaded schedule and 9 or 10 hour days becoming the norm instead of a long day here or there. I feel like no one expects to come to work at 8 am and leave at 6pm or later. It almost feels like being "on call". You can't plan anything outside of work because you have no idea what time you get out!

    The manager of the salon is very...ambitious... about how long dogs are going to take and overbooks the schedule constantly. I have considered requesting to leave at the same time each day, but I know grooming is unpredictable, matted dogs or behavioral problems, etc. I don't want to appear as a lazy groomer (I'm currently doing 8-9 haircuts per day) but I also need to have a quality of life out side of this job!

    The manager is also fairly new, so for a time, people were very accommodating and trying to "help him out" by staying late, but over a year has passed and the inconsistent schedule continues, focusing on total number of dogs per day or total # of haircuts per day and ignoring dog size, behavior, undercoat, how long it's been since they've been groomed etc ( and YES, every staff member has made suggestions on how to tweak the schedule, but manager is in complete denial and have given up, some have quit or are in the process). Inconsistent as much as 10 hours one day, the next day there are cancellations and you're told "you can have the day off."

    I do like working at this shop but cannot figure out how to deal with this issue. Is this a common problem that you have seen? Any help would be great! Thanks, y'all!

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    We have set hours 9am to 6pm and take the last dog in at 4pm. There are days busier than others and groomers may not finish until 6:30 but majority of the time they are out in time. You also have to take inconsideration the speed of the groomer. If a groomer should be able to finish their dogs in a reasonable time frame but works very slow they will be there later than others.


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      That kind of chaotic scheduling would drive me nuts. I get that the occasional thing can happen to throw everything out of whack and that some flexibility is necessary, but consistent chaos would seriously impact my quality of life. I'm all about reducing or eliminating stress, not creating it. So yeah, my hours are pretty set. 7:30-5:30 (or whenever the last dog goes home, whichever comes first). I own and run my own business which is a huge level of commitment right there, but I still like to have some idea of how my days are going to run instead of just showing up to work each day with no idea what I'm facing. I can't imagine being so committed to someone else's business unless the pay and benefits were exceptional. Enough money can adjust my attitude on just about anything, though.

      It would be interesting to hear the other side. It sounds like some communication and laying out of clear expectations between all would be helpful. Sometimes hearing stuff spelled out ABC 123 is useful to determine how reasonable or unreasonable something might be or at least decide where in between to meet. Some flexibility on the job may be necessary, but there has to be a line between no flexibility and absolute chaos. If an entire staff is getting burned out and, something needs to change for the sake of the employees, the dogs, and the business. No one benefits from an unnecessarily stressful work environment.

      The person in charge and doing the scheduling-- Owner? Groomer?


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        We close at 6:30 but most of us are off work by 4:30 and just a groomer and front person stays till closing.


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          I think the structure of hours is a convenience important to lots of pet owners.


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            I think many salons close when the last dog goes home. The crazy schedule is what would drive me nuts. Someone needs to explain to the scheduler that not everyone needs to get in NOW. It's not good for the groomers or the clients. In my last shop I would occasionally get people that would go to the competition because they would ALWAYS say sure we can do you today and the dog would end up staying for eight or more hours. There IS a finite amount of dogs that can be done daily.

            They should definitely warn the last clients at drop off or even at scheduling time that you close when the last dog goes home so be prepared to get your dog x hours after you drop off.Eventually she should get to know the clients and their schedules (kids,jobs, rush hour traffic home)so she can book accordingly.


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              We're open from 8-5, or until the last dog goes home. All of the dogs get dropped off in the morning. We never take same day appointments unless it's a regular and they have a damn good reason. We divvy up all the dogs between the groomers so we have a rough idea of what our day will be like, which is 4-7 dogs each.

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                Having structure to hours of operation is so important to a smooth operation, would drive us nuts otherwise.


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                  Theres a salon a few miles away that has no real closing time. I see lights on at 9pm with someone grooming. They open at 7am M-Saturday. I know the owner and she will not say no to money.