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  • Jake, the miracle dog

    Don't remember if I posted about one of my client dogs - 11 year old standard poodle - who came in last fall for grooming and through a series of things was ultimately diagnosed with an abdomsl tumor. Tumor removed in an emergency surgery ( very fast growing) and was cancerous. Owners were devastated at first but we have one of the best cancer treatment center for animals here in Fort Lauderdale. They took Jake there for additional treatment. He went through the entire chemo series - lost his coat but was still wagging his tail and trying.
    The last time I saw him in early April the prognosis was not good. He was only bring give another two or three months. I hadn't heard from the family since his last visit and assumed he'd list the battle.
    He came in today for grooming. His coat is thick and lush and soft and pitch black when he used to be graying with a harsh wiry coat. His tail never stopped wagging except when he was napping. He tires a bit more easily than he used to , but he IS 12 now. According to his doctors he's in full remission. He goes tomorrow for his bi-monthly check up but it looks good.
    I am totally amazed and thought I'd share a happy ending with everyone.

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    That's a happy story! Hope you have the pleasure of grooming Jake for many, many more years!


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        What a great outcome!


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          Love the good news.