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Had a truly insane one today

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  • Had a truly insane one today

    Had a new one today that was going home from boarding. Dog was a total wacko. Cute, but crazy shih mix. 19 ms old. Owners keep an e- collar on it because it is obsessed with biting its tail. Okay. That doesn't get in the way if grooming I thought. Even though the kennel staff and hospital staff rolled their eyes when they saw me with the dog.
    Dog was fine for bath and even for force dryer. Put it on the table to find drying with stand dryer. Okay. Stopped a moment to change brushes and the dog went ballistic!!!! Snarling , snapping, spinning ---- it looked like it was trying to kill anything nearby. It tried to attack the turned off stand dryer. As I tried to get near it again it turned its focus on me. It actually thrashed about so hard it snapped the noose ( granted it was an old one) and came off the table. Let it calm down on the floor, caught it with another learn and got it back into a floor level cage. Dog was perfectly calm by then.
    Okay - something scared it and I'll wait to try again in a bit. Started another dog. In about ten minutes there was a sound from the floor cage - remember the Exorcist?- that was the sound. Next thing the dog is spinning in the date snarling Snd snapping a air, grabbing the cage towels and trying to rip them. Couple minutes later. Totally at peace snd sleeping.

    Checked with clinic staff and they were terrified of the dog. It tried to bite the doctors face during an exam. But I've managed to groom dogs that the clinic couldn't touch before so that's not always a good guide. They needed to give him a once over before he could leave from boarding so they came to get him. Asked that they do nails while thry had him since they'd have more hands. Returned him with a cone on and a frightened tech they couldn't examine nor could they do nails.
    I tried once more roughly 30 minutes - and one more snarling episode - later.
    No way could I touch him. If he wasn't trying for the equipment, even the grooming arm, he was spinning trying for me.
    Using more restraint just made it worse.
    Finally just called the owner to explain about safety concerns snd that I wasn't going to do much more. She THEN revealed all sorts of info about dogs past - hospitalized at 12 weeks old for almost 5 weeks for major health concerns that involved two transfusions and countless hours of IVdrips; that te dog was from a notorious puppy mill store ; that they keep the cone on at home and that it snaps at them when it goes into those frenzies , and that it was on two medications including an anti anxiety med. she came to try dog four hours later and I referred it to the Cesar Milan center nearby.
    Truthfully , it was a kid I would have diagnosed ADHD with hyper cognition. It is so easily over stimulated by not being able to sort out the surrounding stimuli that it just goes into a red zone. Either that or it has a serious neurological disorder or possibly brain dysfunction. Concerned for the owners since anyone seeing one of those episodes and clueless enough to reach towards that dog could sustain serious injury - and file a serious lawsuit.

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    That poor dog must be in terror inside his own head all the time. Honestly if he were mine I would let him go and be at peace. It truly sounds more like a neurological issue than anything.


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      Wow yikes!!!! Yeah he does not sound like a happy camper.

      Poor you, poor owner, and poor dog
      ~You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who cannot pay you back~


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        What a psycho! But, like cockerlvr said, it's probably something wrong with his head. I wonder, though, we're was he groomed before? (I assume, it's not his first groom in 19 months?)


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          I have only seen once this bad and eventually the owner did have the dog put down. No one could care it and a risk to everyone.


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            Originally posted by ABDG View Post
            What a psycho! But, like cockerlvr said, it's probably something wrong with his head. I wonder, though, we're was he groomed before? (I assume, it's not his first groom in 19 months?)
            He's been groomed a couple times before. The groomer prior to me seeing him managed to completely shave him down - but that was two and s half months ago. Owner says they had taken him to one of Pet** near her twice and after the second time the dog cowered under the bed and started indiscriminately snapping at everyone. That's when she started looking forgotten groomers.

            Seriously sgree that the dog may have to be put down if she's not able to get an organic diagnosis that's treatable/manageable, or a trainer they can rehabilitate the dog. He is a walking liability with a very cute face. Almost like Ted Bundy.


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              Poor dog. Honestly I would say good bye at let him be at peace too


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                Sounds like a springer rage type syndrome like something just isn't working right in his brain so sad. At least the owners are trying to be responsible with the dog.


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                  It's probably best to have him put down, unfortunately.


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                    " He is a walking liability with a very cute face. Almost like Ted Bundy"

                    Honey...this made me smile. How true, how true. Such a handsome man, and he was so damaged. I was a teenager, living in Washington State when Ted was active here. It was scary.

                    So yes, I hope they can find help for this pup, but I have a feeling it is a "Ted Bundy" case.