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  • On demand water heater

    In our shop the old water heater is making some noises, heating irregularly, small drip the other day. She is the old standard tank type. So here is my chance to possibly convert to an on demand model. Anyone share their experiences with these for grooming. Appreciate input.

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    I had a demand water heater many years ago and HATED it because: I had to run thru 3 gallons of water before the heating unit kicked in, so for a quick hand wash, I had to run the water until it got warm or washed my hands in cold water. Other than that, it worked pretty good. Now, that was many years ago, and they may have improved, so make sure you ask the question, "how soon do you get warm water" and/or "do you have to run the water for 3 gallons to get warm water".

    That being said, the new hot water tanks are pretty efficient.

    Happy having warm water

    Dolly's Barking Bubbles, LLC


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      Do you have a gas line to the shop? From my research the gas ones work much better then the electric ones.


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        I had a house with one and Dolly is right I had to wait too long for hot.


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          I had one for about 7 months and it worked great for 6 months, got hot quickly and didn't have any issues with it running out of heated water for that time. However, on the 7th month, I had to keep turning up the heating setting until it was at maximum, but eventually, even that didn't heat the water sufficiently to maintain the correct temperature. I called out first an electrician and then a plumber to find out the problem. It was finally decided that the unit needed flushing for scale buildup. The cost of the initial flush and cleanout was going to be twice the cost of the unit itself. If you get a tankless or on demand unit, be sure to also include a water softener unit to prevent scale buildup and the cost of cleaning and flushing the unit. At the time, I changed out to a 30 gallon tank unit, but will be adding a water softener unit in the near future. My tankless might work fine once the softener is in place, but I couldn't justify the expense of an initial $600 flush and then a $300 every six month maintenance flush for the tankless.


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            If you have a serious space issue then maybe an on demand whether home or business, but otherwise I still like a good old fashioned tank.


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              Good water heaters last a long time, I think maybe more dependable?