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Reading "The Dog Merchants" by Kim Kavin

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  • Reading "The Dog Merchants" by Kim Kavin

    Has anyone else read this book? She has a unique approach to the business of breeding, pet stores and rescue. She talks to shelter directors who think we're moving past the idea of showing shelter pets as sad, lonely animals who need to be saved, and moving toward the idea of marketing them -- especially the mixed breeds -- as unique, valuable pets who are worth as much money as purebreds. This allows shelters to support themselves by selling the dogs, instead of depending so much on contributions. I've just started reading, but so far it is thought-provoking. I've seen the more upbeat ads for NYC shelters and I must say, I like this approach.

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    I saw something like that in San Francisco once, getting a pet is to get happy, so why not show the happiness? Interesting.


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      Good reading suggestion, thanks.