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Family Outrage at Pet Resort Stay; 1 Dog Found Dead Miles Away

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    Truly so sad for these owners.

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  • Family Outrage at Pet Resort Stay; 1 Dog Found Dead Miles Away

    Kayla Roman is doing a lot of cuddling with her dogs this weekend.

    Sasha, her 1-year-old Cane Corso and Phillie, her 7-year-old Boxer, now safe, are staying close.

    "You would trust someone with your dogs, who are loving, sweet, innocent," Roman says.

    Cell phone video, shot one-week-ago, shows something much different.

    In the video police are seen standing nearby.

    Sasha appears weak and reluctant to get up; at times, she is limping.

    The light in a Largo hotel room Saturday reveals sores on her face, and even a broken tooth.

    "They were injured, malnutrition, thirsty, dehydrated," says Jackie Liles, Roman's mother.

    Phillie, older and smaller, appears okay, but is fearful and jumpy.

    But worse, is what happened to Roman's other Cane Corso, named Hugo.

    He was found dead along Route-301 in Waldorf, just days after Roman's family had dropped the three dogs off on May 19, at Axiom Pet Resort in Clinton.

    "When I saw them injured, I immediately started crying, because I didn't know," Roman says.

    She says for several days, she and her family had checked by phone on the three dogs' status.

    Everything seemed fine.

    But on the Monday, May 23 Roman says she stopped by Axiom to check-in.

    She says after waiting in a room for 40 minutes, an employee gave her two leashes.

    Sasha and Phillie were brought out--- but no Hugo.

    "You would come back to check on them, and two are injured, and one is gone," Roman says. "I'm like, is it for real?"

    Liles says she began asking questions about Hugo to an Axiom manager.

    "At that point, he tried to tell me that this 100 pound dog climbed a fence and got out," Liles says.

    Liles says she and her daughter took Sasha and Phillie to an Axiom-recommended vet, who they say pronounced the dogs okay.

    Still concerned, they took their dogs to an animal emergency care facility, which admitted both pets overnight.

    At the first vet's office, Roman and Liles say they met a man, who had no pets with him, who said he had seen a dog lying on the side of the road.

    They say they showed a picture of Hugo to the man, who said it might be their pet.

    At the described location, about twelve miles from the Axion facility, Roman spotted Hugo in the road.

    "Drive two minutes and see him on the side of the road," she recalls. "I don't know. Nothing to say, your heart is in a million pieces."

    Roman and Liles say they just want to know what happened.....................