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Calendar & Birthday Issues

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  • Calendar & Birthday Issues

    We no longer have the Meet Me in the Chat Calendar, it won't be necessary when you see the new Chat Room coming in the next 30 days.

    Posting events on Calendar. We have had to turnoff this function for members. Some members were putting their personal birthdays on the Grooming Industry Calendar which is NOT the Birthday Calendar. Well we don't need member birthdays mixed in with Groom Expo etc.

    As mentioned in Tips and FAQ info, there is a way to get your birthday shown. Many people are simply not reading the FAQ or TIPS Forum and learning how to access the TWO different calendars.

    Birthdays. It's simple to have your birthday. Go to your USER CONTROL PANEL and choose the option to display your birth date, and you should get on the Calendar that route.

    If you are the organizer of a Grooming Industry event and want an event listing, send the details to Stephen at [email protected].

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    Gosh Stephen, First the new board. Now a new Chat room... None of us will ever get anything done. But thanks again for some great fun. I hope that you and your staff are happy with the outcome of everything.

    Stephen Note: Yes, but more to come, much more this year. We are cleaning up 3,500 web pages at with new look, and more surprises. All new photo galleries
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      So if I enter my birthday in the groom expo calender, does that mean everybody will come to my house? I better start cleaning NOW.

      Tammy in Utah

      Stephen Note: Thankfully it doesn't work that way. You can only be on the birthday calendar by allowing your birthday to be shown per your profile panel, taking this opp to repeat that. Tammy, I will bring the toilet paper.
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        T. P. back to Spikeys house. Videos of Stephen T.P. ing Spikeys home for sale. We would love to be there for your birthday. Guess I have to look up when that is.
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