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Bald is Beautiful (Groomers Story)

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  • Bald is Beautiful (Groomers Story)

    I don’t know about you, but I think we have become too “hair-orientated’ as a society. We spend scads of cash cutting, dyeing and re-fixing our hair to resemble a magazine model or the newest, hottest celebrity personality. Not to mention all that wasted time each and every day trying to achieve the perfect ‘doo’.

    And for what? A huge rain storm or blustery day to ruin all our efforts…it’s maddening and a bit crazy. If that isn’t enough, we’ve now taken our hair-obsession and put it onto our canine companions. Doggy styling our pooches with fluorescent hues, contemporary haircuts and shaved-in designs has become all the rage.

    Unfortunately, with this hairy-craze happening all around us, it makes it that much harder for those dogs that may be hair-challenged to find new hope. Fortunately, for one such homeless and needy canine, a photographer changed her dismay and doom into a new and bright future......
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    She is Adorable!!


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      Nice message and agree Dogma, she really is.


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