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I'm rewriting my employee manuel

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  • I'm rewriting my employee manuel

    Can some of you please aid me in writing a new manual, like particular sections that you'd be willing to share with me. Ex, rules/regulations, expectations, sick days (paid/not) vacation (paid/not, how much) stuff like this! Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!
    Edit: Do you think commissioned, hourly and salaried employees should get paid vacation ? How should each one be handled?
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    There are state regulations you must consider of course. In some states if they are full time that is what matters. Just because you figure wages different ways means zip. Plus, what is the definition of full time in your state. People think 40 hours but in some states it is less. I do give vacation to my full time employees after 1 year. They get 1 week per year paid vacation, and after 5 years, they get 2 weeks. I don't offer medical so the least I can do is give them vacation time and holiday bonus...full timers only.

    Your state govt likely has some help. Long ago when I lived in CA the Chamber of Commerce for the STATE, not local town or city offices, offered complete help with this.


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      NOLO is a great source of how-to and DIY info on anything employment in general and backed by attorneys.||sku|emha7

      Like other things they usually know the laws for your state, check it out. Also your state govt employment agency by whatever name it goes by usually has something to help too. I have even seen some states provide basic software.


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        Putting the legal stuff aside that your state makes you put in, there is an excellent basic handbook in from problems to profits book that relates to grooming. I suggest and I think they did too that you don't print up a bunch. Keep adding things to it so when you need to issue one, print a hard copy on your computer and just use that copy. We have updated ours dozens of time and I have a copy of the latest version always available to the staff.


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          I hear employee manuals in private shops are rare, nice to see some people do them. Actually I did get one at my last job grooming and my current boss did a small one she wants to redo.


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            definitely check out the from problems to profits book for help.