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  • Strip center issues

    At one time I was located in a strip center and one problem that never went away was males lifting legs near doors of other tenants. I had a potty area and asked my clients to be careful, but nope, always some walking along the walk would allow their males to lift their legs where, in front of other neighbors. You apologize, you wash it, you field calls from the landlord. I bring this up only because a friend in a strip center is having the same problem. What a mess. Landlord may kick her out.

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    My shop is in a strip mall and 1x week the management power washes the walkways so it's relatively clean. If a dog pees on one of the stucco support columns, I can drag a hose out front or I have a bug sprayer tank that you pressurize. I have kennel disinfectant and water mixed and I spray the area down. We rarely have dogs pee there, they usually save it for inside the shop.

    My suggestion to her is she should talk to the neighbors, explain she cares about keeping it clean and suggest the sprayer method or also fill a bucket and dump it on the areas and take a broom to push it away into the parking area. I have a feeling neighbors don't like the groom shop period near them. Some people are just dog haters and are grossed out by the thought of bodily fluids near their business. It could be barking, dogs being walked passed their windows all day, anything can set some people off.

    All I can say is the groom shop pays rent like everyone there and they all have a right to do business and make a living. Who are they to judge.


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      This is why its often hard to find a decent place to rent. Clients can make it difficult to keep other tenants happy. You have to BE firm when you speak to clients about the "potty areas".


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        I have seen strip centers with stains on neighbor areas. Cannot blame them for being unhappy.


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          Corner units sometimes have some advantages.


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            Higher rent on the corner spots. I agree, a better location.

            We are thinking of getting a potty station. It's placed outside. It's a 3x3 square with artificial turf on top that pee drains into a catch basin. We were gonna put a fake plastic hydrant in the center so males can lift their leg. Plus it looks cool. I once saw a vet office with a similar setup.


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              I haven't really ever come across this in my 8 years of being in a strip mall. The only complaint we have gotten is for people letting their dogs go on the big mail drop box, but not very often, or for dog poop near the shop (which is generally from people tying to the bike rack to go shopping and not from people coming or leaving my shop). People tend to use the garbage can (it's immovable at the base so no one has to touch it and it's away from any stores) or the trees in the parking lot.


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                We were in strip center in the last shop and being on the corner DID help this problem but mostly because it gave us some end of building landscaping to make a real potty area with real grass and plants that dogs may love. But cost? Yes it was more BUT, the landlord let us have signs on 2 sides of building and that was so helpful, it paid for itself.