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Caught customer stealing

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  • Caught customer stealing

    I had my back turned when a groomer called my name. I turn around and I see her hand with a dog toy quickly fall to her side. She is a regular of about a year and I wondered if this was the first time. I asked her if she needed some help buying the toy. She said yes please add it on. And I did. So I will be on the watch out from now on.

    Would any of you fired her entirely?

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    I might have, especially if a new customer. Don't need another worry.


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      Not if she has been a regular.....but I would keep my eye on her. If she tries again (bet she dosent though) I would have to let her go.
      Ain't always easy to stand up for what is right.


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        I agree with Cyn, keep an eye but no second chances.


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          Are you sure she was stealing?


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            I'm afraid I've gotten jaded in the past 13 years. Been stolen from in my retail section numerous times by old ladies, young moms, kids, and teens. I do keep an eye on certain types of people more than others. It hurts doesn't it?

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