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  • Loss of income insurance

    Does anyone carry this? Has anyone ever used it? I know it is not cheap but I think if you are one person business it could be invaluable.

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    I think you are right that it can be essential to single shop or mobile groomers. If your mobile is wrecked and you are single, even with kids, and no backup place to operate. anything helps. As a shop owner with staff I could probably get by without it.


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      I did have it when I was working alone. Never filed a claim. I was glad to have it.


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        I have it through Governor. They will take an average of your income and give you less. Max was 21 days if I remember.


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          Don't have it but have thought about it. Currently I just have 9 months of living expenses and 10k catastrophic $$ in a separate account with my sister as a co-signer ( she also had power of attorney ).
          Would advise that everyone draft a basic will ( get the forms online or at office manx) and keep your family safe. After Pronce died without a will ( how could they happen with his attorneys and accountants ??????) we need to be pro-active and Judy do this for our loved ones
          Sorry - l get off my soapbox now


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            Definitely have a will, but if you have property don't rely on a will alone, get it into a living trust. We use a backup will which means anything that we could not get appropriately in living trust, is managed by the backup will. My mother did this and when she passed we never saw court for probate nothing. Property just was titled anew instantly with a visit to the County or bank. Probate is expensive and can take months if not a couple years.

            Back to OP, I did have loss of income for the first 2 years I worked alone through Governor. Never had to use it but glad I had it.


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              About how much does it cost?