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Dog Shammy Dryer- Smoothcoat Technology

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  • Dog Shammy Dryer- Smoothcoat Technology

    I am looking into getting the double "dog shammy" wall mounted dryer with a remote. I am intrigued by the smoothcoat technology but I am unsure if it actually works. This is what their website says:


    Our Patent-Pending Innovation for the grooming industry, Smoothcoat Technology™ reduces drying time, which means less stress on your dog if you are a home groomer and more productivity if you are a professional groomer. Additionally, our technology results in a smoother coat and assists in de-matting. Smoothcoat Technology™ breaks water molecule clusters into micro particles that both penetrate the follicles of the coat and evaporate much faster.

    It is about a $60 add on to the dryer. Do you have a dryer from them you can comment on? Does it have this added on and does it actually help dry the dog faster? All opinions are appreciated!

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    Could it be ionic like the aeolus dryer? The keeping moisture in the shaft hair but quick drying sounds like it.
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