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    I have A groomer that has been grooming for me for several years. I pay her commission. She is wanting to convert to table rent. I would like information on what is the standard for groomer table rent and what are they responsible for?

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    First, make sure it is legal in your State. It isn't in ours.

    You can't rent a space to someone doing the same business as the business other words, you are a grooming salon, so you could rent space to a dog trainer, but not to another groomer.


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      Don't know about grooming, but hair salons charge X amount per week, not per month or day. No contract to stay, it's week to week. Groomer must book own clients, collect money themselves, so they must get a mobile card reader for their phone, provide their own insurance to protect themselves in your facility and in most instances, they need their own business license, but you are not held legally responsible if they fail to get one. They can if they want to put their own name and hours on your window.

      Included in the rent can be use of your tubs, towels and even shampoos, also use of cages if you have a central cage bank. They must clean up their work area and help with washing tubs and towels. They also have a key to the salon and can work whenever they want, even Sundays as long as they obey mall hours if there are any. You must lock your and your other employees' personal belongings up and keep your client list private. This table renter will now need their own database and book all their clients through their phone. Clients do and will call the salon and ask for this groomer. Your job is to provide the other phone number, not hand the phone over. These businesses must remain separate.

      I know it's legal in my state to rent space and you can even sublet that space, meaning a stylist can rent a chair in a salon and they can then split that chair with another person since it' rented on a 7 day basis and your days off can be used by another person. I'm sure this applies to dog salons. Owners of salons do not like giving up "power" over a former employee but you cannot control what they do at their table.

      I have a question. Why does this long time employee want to switch? Make more money? Won't happen if you do it right. You cannot take a loss by renting. Doesn't make sense. If her reason is to work less hours and days, fine. That makes sense. But to increase work, no way. Don't do it.
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        Exactly. Here's a link to my blog on this subject as well.
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          Windy...great article from the beauty industry. I think it says it all. Thanks for sharing.


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            Most places I know of are charging $180 to $200 a week but do not include supplies of any kind. Space, electricity, refuse, storage locker. This is not a big city location, suburbs. They cannot groom after 9pm and can start as early as 7am.