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Why did you become a groomer?

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  • Why did you become a groomer?

    Yea a new customer asked me that today. I think she had a real interest or was she just checking me out. Fair is fair, and I told her I loved pets, animals anything furry and I love makeovers and the happiness. She giggled and said what do you suggest with her new adoption a mostly possibly maybe who knows shih poo maltese. Anyway, no one as asked me this for years. Anyone want to share what you say?

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    Same for love of animals & also having a career that did not feel like a job. I love going to my little shop every day, operating my business the way I want & building my customer base with such awesome people & pets. I am coming up on my 2nd year in this wonderful business & God willing, I hope to be affiliated with grooming until it's time for to meet my Furry kids, family & friends at the Rainbow Bridge!

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      My mother gave me the first idea without saying what occupation. She said I always got along great for animals and they would come to me easily as a kid. We had lots of pets and I loved taking care of them and one day she said work with animals, you got what it takes. I loved seeing people walking beautiful dogs and the breed dogs show and it just hit. Make em pretty.


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        My husband and I are both biologists and we had a consulting company in California, doing biological reports for house builders, but when the economy took a dive we had to close our business and move to Arizona, where we had our "vacation" house. My husband retired, but I was not ready, so I went to grooming school (because I always loved dogs, and grew up with dogs - I had miniature poodle and bedlington growing up; and we groomed them with just scissors, no clippers, can you imagine). I was hired by PetCo after school and worked there for 3,5 years, but it was a long drive so I decided to go on my own, so now I have my own salon, working with my husband again.


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          Back in 1987, my boyfriend purchased a wire-haired mini dachshund puppy for me. Two months later, I jolted straight up out of bed and said, "how am I going to groom this dog?" I immediately went downstairs and ed through the Yellow Pages and, instead of stopping on "grooming salons".......I put my finger on "grooming school". I called that day and signed up, putting in 300 hrs on Saturdays. After spending $3K on the school, I said to myself, why not groom the neighbor's dogs to pay back this tuition cost......the rest is history. I never thought of being a groomer until little Sasha came into my life, I doubt if anyone in the world would think about signing up for grooming school because you own a wire-haired mini dachshund !! I groomed evenings and weekends until I retired from my job at the hospital in 2007, then I went mobile full time.

          Happy getting a mini dachshund

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            Was 'downsized' at 55 without warning , in an area that worships youth. As I was cleaning out my desk and trying to think I went back to my youth and wanting to be a vet. In the car driving home it was an epiphany --- vet tech or groomer!!! Just then the gray skies broke and the rainbow formed in front of me. Sounds corny but I took it as a sign. Went to Merryfield the next day to check it out and research my options. Rest is history ( for me).
            While I enjoyed the things is done prior - gov't , teaching/ developing schools- and appreciate the experiences they brought my way IV never been more content then when going to work each day now. I smile more.


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              I was going to college in second year and one day realized that college was not taking to me any passion. My passion was animals, not a vet. I talked to my groomer then and she let me spend a day with her and I got some weekend work as a bather while still in college. I was hooked.


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                I thought about being a handler after showing dogs for some years but didn't want to travel, and it hit me. Groom.
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                  I always loved animals as a kid but I was 14, I realized being a vet isn't always save pets (a doctor would never put down one of his patients because someone decided he's annoying..) and I could not handle see dying pets!
                  So as I also had a lot of creativity and like to work with my hands, I found out being a groomer would be a perfect job for me
                  Since school, grooming became a passion !


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                    In my day women weren't allowed in vet school. Yes! I'm THAT Old! Grin!

                    I didn't want to do any of the other jobs typically available to women at the time.

                    I did start showing dogs at a young age and got into grooming that way. I thought I might want to be a handler and then decided against that.

                    I happened to work for a vet as a kennel girl in my late teens. Learned most of the vet tech stuff. Then they started requiring a license for that.
                    I already had groomed long enough to know I would make more money grooming then working for a vet.

                    So opened my shop a few years later and haven't looked back. It's been 35 years and the only thing I'm tired of is doing quarterly taxes. Ugh!

                    40 years total in this industry and I still love going to work each day


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                      I was 19, had moved home from Phoenix and my older groomer friend said a bather was needed at one of their family shops so I went in that day. A few months later with my dry cracking hands and arms I told her I was going to work at the local CD shop, and she offered to train me, so I stayed to learn, was left on my own (only groomer in the shop) shortly after, so my beginnings were a little stressful. It has been 14 years I have worked in 5 different shops, last year I realized I don't want to deal with everyone else's stuff anymore, and opened up Shaggy To Chic. I absolutely love love love it. No more dealing with others stealing money, no more cold case files, and Jerry Springer blaring in my ear. I make my own schedule and walk to work. I have amazing clients/friends with amazing dogs and, I get to enjoy them,instead of rushing all the time, I get to give my own shop a good name, its beautiful! I think God put me in grooming because He knew I'd be good at it, it has blessed me so much! Thank You God!

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                        You know when you love something and just have to do it.


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                          Thanks for sharing.