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Reflections on the first third of the year

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  • Reflections on the first third of the year

    It's been an interesting start to the year. Don't know if this bodes well or ominously for the remainder of the year. Professionally, business is up, my quit meant is working well, my bathers are The new ones asking to be trained. The clients that crazy either moving away or being fired – Albeit some are reluctant to take no as a final answer.
    On the flipside, set of my sweetest kindest (and those with the gentlest dogs) I'm moving out of the area. Some for family issues, many for population issues. A number of people are concerned about the changes that will take place following the election and the changing status with Cuba. In this area that's a major concern.
    And some are still dying off. I'm seeing an aging population of my owners and of the pets. Just the other day I realized it a dog I do every week is now 11 years old. He's developing old man spots , He's deaf, and his eyes are getting cloudy. Several others that come in with similar aging issues lately. That enough I'm getting old – they are too!
    Find myself being grateful for having found location even this late in my own life. And grateful to have you all to talk to entering from. Have a good night everyone have a great week

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    Thanks for the report Honey. We have had a pretty typical first 4 months, but busier than the 4 months of time last year. Weather cooperating I suppose. Addon services are still up and getting more and more of a clientele that wants add-ons. We are getting a swing up in new customers moving into the area. We have lost some pets but I find within 2 months most of them have another pet and return.


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      Nice Honey, always nice to see your posts too. We are having a great year so far, very positive. I turn off all that frenzied news in election years, and we do positive things and stay busy enjoying life.


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        My first quarter was great as well. I am grooming more efficiently & can groom 1-2 more dogs a day bringing me usually to 4-5. Still want to work up to 6, depending on the breed that is booked. Have great clients, but too have had several pets pass away the past few months. There were 2 groomers retired in my area so I have been picking up a few new clients. I feel good that my business that started from nothing is growing everyday. I pay no attention to all the political garbage. I I just take one day at a time, trying to enjoy life, my wonderful husband, our furry's & awesome families.

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          Best thing that happened to me in that time frame is that my family truly accepted that I am a groomer. They wanted me to be a teacher or probably anything with a degree. Well I am doing fine without a college degree much to their shock. I suppose we didn't really have any good example in our small town of a stable groomer, basically you had to drive some miles. But I followed my heart and 2 years later they really are happy with my choice.