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  • Freak Out! Kool Lube

    One of the groomers I worked with drop her can of Kool Lube and it stuck in spray mode! Created a puddle on floor and when she picked it up of course it is spray out. I went into emergency mode and got a trash bag and put it inside. I know that stuff is bad news to breathe in. We cleaned it up gloves on and threw paper towels award in trash bag and aired the place out.

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    We don't allow it here any more. Not good for blades really but read the dangers of breathing it! No way.


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      That's sounds like something that would happen to me IF I still used Kool lube. Glad you were quick thinking and got it bagged and cleaned up.
      Get Marble tiles to lay blades on to cool ( this is where spare blades come in for all the newer groomers on here) the tile will cool the blade quickly.
      Ain't always easy to stand up for what is right.


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        The garbage is probably the best place for that stuff. I just run my blade under cold water if I have one that is overheating and I don't have a spare at hand.


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          Use a Clipper Vac and you will never have to cool your blades again. I think my can of Kool Lube is probably 20 years old......and it's still full.

          Happy purchasing a Clipper Vac

          Dolly's Barking Bubbles, LLC


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            That's right Dolly, and Kool Lube is bad stuff bad stuff to breathe.


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              I use compressed air - the stuff used to clean keyboards etc.
              folks the blade very quickly and blues out the hair caught under the blades at the same time. I'll also use marble tiles to put warm blades on to cool then off.


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                I do the same as Honey...compressed air which works great to cool & to clean my blades.

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