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What does an assistant groomer do?

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  • What does an assistant groomer do?

    Seems like everyone has their own idea of what an assistant does?

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    Yeah, I guess it would depend on who they're assisting. I'm sure there's plenty of variances

    To me, an assistance would help me bathe dogs, and do the prep work
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      We modeled ours after from problems to profits book job description. Ours does bather work and assistant work would be taking coats off and increasingly learning patterns and scissoring.


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        For me an assistant would do pretty much anything needed without use of clippers or scissors. At least at first. Once they are able to bathe and dry , do proper check in /out clean and make the shop run smoothly then they would be trained on prep work. Once they are at a point to do basic maintenance trims they are given a new comb short pair of scissors and a brush. They buy their own equipment from there and we go to town training full trims.


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          My assistants are bathers, but they do shavedowns, they furminate, neaten scissor feet and pads, bun and bow, and later they get to do more styling training.