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Mentally Ill Woman with Airsoft Gun Heads to Pet Grooming Business

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  • Mentally Ill Woman with Airsoft Gun Heads to Pet Grooming Business

    FARMINGTON HILLS — The Farmington Hills Police Department recently released a local woman into the care of Beaumont Hospital after she was deemed mentally unstable for walking around Farmington Hills with an airsoft gun.

    The Southfield woman, in her 40s, had the airsoft gun in hand, and police received calls from people who thought the gun was real.

    The situation took place around 9:30 a.m. March 14 along Grand River Avenue, between Beaumont Hospital and Middlebelt Road, according to authorities.

    One witness reported that the woman was waving the gun in the air, according to a police press release.

    Her alleged actions resulted in the lockdown of several Farmington Public Schools buildings.

    Farmington Hills Police Lt. Paul Nicholas said that when they received the call, officers responded to the area and began looking for the woman.

    “(We) couldn’t find her right away,” he said, adding that there was another sighting of the woman near the area of Grand River and Middlebelt, and she was “waving the gun around.”

    “We did find her,” Nicholas said. “An officer spotted her going to a pet grooming salon on Grand River. The officers were able to make contact with her and get her into custody.”

    Nicholas said the case was treated as a mental health issue.

    “We believe she was suffering from some mental health issues,” he said. “We did locate the gun — it was an airsoft gun. We learned that there was a similar incident in Southfield earlier that morning. (We worked) with Southfield (police) together to get information.”

    Around the same time, an FPS listserv email and Facebook post went out that Farmington Community School/Farmington Central High School and Lanigan Elementary School were on lockdown “due to a police situation in the area.”

    Diane Bauman, director of school and community relations, said recently that during the lockdown, there was a “general feeling of safety” in the schools.

    “The police notified us of a situation in the area, and we put our schools on lockdown as soon as the listserv went out,” she said.

    The lockdown lasted no more than an hour, she said.

    Nicholas said that while the situation is sad and unfortunate, he looks at the positive: “I am glad everyone is safe and (things) turned out OK.”
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    That would freak me out if someone came in the salon waving a gun!


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      Wow that would be scary.