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  • Canadians and tipping

    I live in a place where we have large population of winter visitors, and I have quite a few Canadian customers in the winter months. I noticed that in general, the Canadians do not tip. I would say, 75% of my American customers tip, and only 25% of Canadians. Now, I do not rely on tips, I don't budget for it, I don't expect it, but I certainly appreciate it. And it does not make any difference in my treatment of dogs or their owners, really.
    Anyways, we figure it is due to cultural differences. I know tipping is not customary, or even offensive, in some countries, so I was wondering if it is that way in Canada.
    (On the other hand, some of the Canadians who did not tip two and three years ago, now do tip for their grooms. )
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    I'd say about 65-75% of my clients tip at least a little.


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      Some of my Canadians tip, some not. Most of my Russians tip, a few don't. My South Americans are more apt to give a gift vs a cash tip , though a few tip almost the amount of the groom.
      Also don't count on tips as income but sm always pleased to be appreciated. There are a few who I know can barely afford regular groom prices but who will always give at least two dollars so I can 'buy a coffee'. ( some just bring me the cup of coffee ��)

      Tipping is cultural. It is also a learned behavior. Women often tip more then men since they are used to tipping their hairdressers and manicurists.


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        Oh, sorry I forgot this part.
        We don't allow tips on credit cards ( I know - don't ask ) and that catches some people off guard. Some will apologize and say that they'll make a special trip in with cash. To those I usually - sincerely- tell them to please not go to that trouble. Their greatest thank you would be to return and allow me the pleasure of continuing to take care of their pet. (Figure a good return client is worth more in the long run. )


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          It could have something to do with the exchange rate. The Canadian dollar has been in the cellar for quite awhile now.
          Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

          Groom on!!!


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            I definitely find that I'm getting more and better tips since moving from Canada to the US. Canadians do tip, but not for as many things, and it does not seem to occur to most to tip a groomer.

            There is an old joke - what's the difference between a Canadian and a canoe? Canoes tip.


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              BTW, hubby has suggested it's because of Canada's higher minimum wage, so service industry people are not as dependent on tips. I'm not so sure as expenses are also higher.


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                I'm in alberta Canada. I get tips on almost every dog. Ranging from $5-$20 on small Bichon Shihtzu $65 grooms. Older men are usually my no tip people, but I don't expect tips so it doesn't matter. It might depend on where in Canada they are from too. I have quite a few head to Arizona for winter , even through their price for grooming is lower there, I think the dollar exchange is taking away from any extra tip money. Recently bought a $50usd item that equaled $88 Canadian. Ouch

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                  I am also in Alberta, Canada. I also get tips ranging from $5-$20 daily. The elderly customers are generally the ones who don't tip. I never expect them, so very grateful when I do get tips.

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