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Need a really good shampoos and conditioners

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  • Need a really good shampoos and conditioners

    I have been using Kelco for years but my distributor no longer carries it.
    can anyone advise of a good company that is holistic that has good shampoos and conditioners?

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    My personal favorite is the Best Shot Ultra line. It's one of the few shampoos I'm not allergic to, gets the dogs really clean, and with regular use causes noticeable coat improvement. The conditioner is very light and doesn't weigh down hair. I use it on every dog except hand strip terriers.

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      For shave downs and weekly baths I have been using the puppy from scentament spa, (best shot). The regular ultra sh/con dries out my hands to the point of breaking skin and doesnt do well with my water . I also use Iv San Bernard traditional line on monthly dogs, their skin therapies also. And madra mor soothe and shed safe. For matted pets I took itzas suggestion and ordered k9 competition. Their instant dematter is awesome. Although that line dries my hands out too. There are other brands I just know what works for me in my shop with my water and pets.


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        By the way, Best Shot Ultra Vitalizing mist is my go to leave in conditioner for pretty much all pets. It seals up the coat with no real adverse affects. I sell to all my clients even the ones that have allergies.


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          I've been using PEK by Iv San Bernard for three days and THATS AMAZING, I love it!! Alright, I have used it on matts that aren't severe BUT it was way easier to dematt!


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            Love the pek. Haven't used for dematter but I do spray each pet with it upon checkin. Also put it in any conditioner mix. Awesome stuff


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              Best Shot, Quadruped and ShowSeasons are my favorites and greasy dirty Grimeinator.