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Healthy French Bulldog, is there such a thing?

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  • Healthy French Bulldog, is there such a thing?

    I've spent years trying to buy a frēnch bulldog puppy, why can't I find one.
    I live in Massachusetts. I want any color other than a dark brindle or one that looks too much like a Boston.
    All I get offered are brindles or sickly ones. It's so hard to find a good breeder.

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    You live in Massachusetts, and the Westminster was just a couple weeks back. If you were really interested in finding a reputable breeder going to the show and talking to the breeders/owner/handlers there would've given you some really good direction.


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      Your problem seems to be that you are looking for a puppy, not a breeder. I recommend looking at breeders, and find one that you would be proud to own a puppy from. Then get on their waiting list for the next litter. It takes a while this way, but you'll be sure to get a really excellent pup. Plus good breeders are great about supporting their puppy buyers, so if you have questions or problems with your dog they can often help you.

      I adore my breeder! Every dog she turns out is gorgeous, with stable temperaments and all the best qualities of the breed. Plus she's helped me with several minor veterinary problems because she knows the breed well and was able to steer my vet in the correct direction. When they hear hoof beats vets think of horses, but every breed has a few zebras.

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        I did the research and have been on a waiting list, still didn't work out. I was finally offered one with a murmur for $3,500 plus plane fare. unbelievable.


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          Consider getting a used Frenchie. I've had several friends that have adopted from the rescues in our area and have gotten healthy, sweet tempered dogs.
          If they do have health issues or temperament problems at least you know that ahead of time and can decide if that is an issue you want to deal with. Knowing these things with a puppy often isn't possible, even if you do buy from a reputable breeder.

          I just typed in a random Massachusetts zip code into Petfinder and several Frenchies came up. Perhaps one will be your future dog. (Over 30 came up in my area...only a few were brindles)

          Another option is to get a used show dog or show prospect. I've done this several time and know others that have also. People who show will often place their dogs when they are finished showing or breeding them. Or, sometimes a show prospect just doesn't turn out as good as expected and needs to move on to his forever home.

          I've gotten several finished champions this way, my friend has an International Champion, a client got a finished champion, and my current dog is Foundation Stock for her breed. None of us paid anything for these dogs. All are from reputable breeders.

          So you might rethink the puppy aspect and get a nice adult dog.


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            Very good advise Dogma.....but I had to laugh at the term "used Frenchie ". ;D
            Ain't always easy to stand up for what is right.


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              Ah Cyn, my current pet peeve is that everyone has a "rescue dog" with some sob story that usually isn't even true. It's just an excuse to dismiss bad behavior. Drives me crazy!

              Not that some rescue dogs don't have a sob story, but the majority that I've been around have had good, stable environments and for one reason or another they just had to be rehomed.

              I have a long time client that has corgis and is involved with a local corgi group. They just sprung a corgi from the pound that was picked up as a stray.
              This dog was 30 pounds overweight, (eggs and bacon for breakfast? Grin!). He was in good shape, great temperament, nice manners. Someone lost a really nice dog.
              But my client immediately thought "they must have dumped him on the streets". I don't think so. This was a happy dog that hadn't missed a meal in a loooong time! But everyone wants a "rescue" story. Why can't we just look at the bright side and say "Wow! Look at the great dog I got. "

              Oh to all the slightly used dogs out there....I hope you all get great homes. I've had the best of luck adding you to my pack and so glad you were available.


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                Thank you for the perspective dogma. You're so right about rescue. Responsibly bred pure bred dogs are getting harder and harder to find. It's wise to do your homework for a specific breed, and waiting lists (sometimes long ones) will be more and more common. Most dogs in this country are spayed and neutered now, so the next generation of pure-bred pets will be harder to find and far more expensive.


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                  You caught me on a bad day so my first response was really pretty snarky. Sorry. Going through the AKC breed rescue is a wonderful way to get a slightly older dog that needs a good home. This is how I got my Newfoundland many years back. She was already trained and housebroken and a wonderful spirit. She was rehomed not for anything other then a change in her original owners status. They moved from their first home into a farmhouse stab wishing a bed-and-breakfast filled with antiques and they're 90 something-year-old mother. The dog was just too large for them to manage anymore. Their loss was my absolutely most wonderful gain. She's been gone for nearly 20 years now and people that knew her still speak as if she was alive today


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                    I have owned and shown French Bulldogs for many years. I have owned Frenchies that I got as rescues, retired show dogs, puppies for show, and puppies for pets. My best advice for finding a good breeder would be to go the the national parent club website (French Bulldog Club of America) and look under the breeder listings. Breeders must be a member of the national club and abide by the FBDCA Code of Ethics. There are several breeders listed in Massachusetts and I am sure you could look at neighboring states as well. The website also has a ton of information on the french bulldog and how to find a good breeder. It is normal to be on a waiting list and expect that the breeder will have as many questions for you as you do for them. Find out when your next local conformation show is, contact your local FBDCA breeders and arrange to meet them in person after their classes. It is a great opportunity to see their dogs and to get to know them better. I know it has already been suggested in this thread, but there are many Frenchies in rescue. The French Bulldog Rescue Network is probably the largest frenchie rescue around. Most are adults but there are occasional puppies and they have very thorough histories on the dogs and any issues they might have. It's worth a look. I hope this helps.


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                      So glad for this thread to learn so much about this breed.


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                        I agree I didn't know this and actually we get so few to groom.