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  • Working Saturdays New Approach

    It's been very hard to find new bathers to work Saturdays, and that is one of our busiest days. We are usually booked 4 weeks out for Saturdays and we work 2 Sundays a month for overload. Well it dawned on me finally to offer Saturday or Sat/Sun only job positions to new bathers. OMG, I got a ton of applicants. So my Mon-Fri crew is happy and now bathing has 2 crews, weekends, and midweek only days. Simple solution!

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    A few years ago we started closing Monday and Tuesday and work 5 days Wed-Sun, and we made about 30,000 a year more. Now we are busier and went to 6 including Tuesday, but it was a wise idea to keep weekends. Your idea of separate weekend crew makes perfect sense.


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      Makes sense. Some grooming schools started offering Sat and Sun only classes for working people and did OK.


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        I would love to work Sundays and have Tuesday off. I would open a little later and close little earlier. My bather wouldn't mind but that's the day my husband is off and we do things together.


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          Great idea. Absolutely there are people that would groom weekends while having another job. Like it.