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  • Best way to advertise ?

    I recently left a groomer on was working for.. Looong story short I couldn't take my customers info with me.. I have opened up about 10 miles away and trying to get the word around to my customer.
    My phone number is different also since the old place had a business line.
    Also she hasn't told anyone I've left just made an excuse why I wasn't there at the moment 'bathroom, busy, etc'

    What is the best way to advertise and get the word out quickly ?

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    See if your local newspaper will do article on your new salon, with a photo of you, so your existing customers recognize you.
    (By the way, if you were an employee at the previous salon, then the customers belong to the owner, and not you. You cannot approach them and tell them you moved. However, if they saw your info in a newspaper, or your Facebook page, then it's fair game)


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      Flyers at local stores, vets, doggie day care. You never know where an "old" client will see your name and give you a call. Even just business cards at vets offices. Trifold brochures are nice as well. Vista print has some nice templates and there aren't overly expensive.

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        Back when I started I did a lot of various forms of advertising. It has all paid off since I have not needed to advertise for years. Back then I did phone books white pages bold, yellow pages ad with color pictures, online listing, local cafe menus, phone book covers, newspaper, children's safety books that went to all the school kids, supporting events like grad, etc. Renting booths at fairs, organizing events at my salon, online media, grocery cart ads, search engine ads, and Facebook ads. Now I only pay for my website.
        Keep in mind each area and clientele is different, for example nobody uses yelp here. Phone books are for dinosaurs, so here online and local is the way to go. Since you have clientele that just need to find you I would plaster your FACE all over the place. Hold a really cute puppy and get nice picture of you to use on Facebook. Pay for Facebook ad so it shows up on everyone locals feed. Put nice flyers up announcing your new location. Make friends with vets, Doggy day care etc. Work out a deal if needed. This will pay back in no time.

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          Dont be afraid to ask you clients to help you with referrals.


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            Definitely referrals most of my business, and website, and vet referrals.


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              Obviously client referrals are huge, but when I started out I relied my family and friends and they have helped tremendously getting the word out. Besides my website, I have a Facebook page. I just post away, and I don't pay for any boosting; most of my posts get anywhere from 500 to 600 hits. I have people liking my page who are friends of friends of friends & etc. I've received several clients that way as they can see the dogs I groom and can view my shop. There are also two local community newspapers that I advertise in quarterly and I've also received several clients off these ads. Good luck!

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