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Knoxville Cat Dies at Groomer

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  • Knoxville Cat Dies at Groomer

    When April Andis took her long-haired cat to be groomed last month, she never expected the cat to die.

    Andis said her long-haired Himalayan cat, “Cleopatra” had been dropped off at in the morning at Concord Pet Grooming and School in West Knoxville. When Susan Porterfield, the owner of the grooming service, called that afternoon, Andis was expecting to be given a time when she could pick up her cat.

    “I believe the words I remember from the groomer were, ‘Cleopatra didn’t make it,” said Andes. “I was like, ‘She didn’t make what?’ A bath should not be life or death for a cat.”

    Cleopatra had been groomed twice before at Concord Pet Grooming. She said she had been told in the past that her cat was difficult, but she was never given any more information................
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    So they're a grooming school and a salon. I wonder if the groomers were students.
    Very sad for the poor cat and owner. I don't use muzzles, just a snap-on E collar, because I want to be able to see the cat's face. If they are panting or look distressed, I need to be able to see that and take a break or stop the session The cat may have had an underlying heart condition. Poor creature


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      Very sad, but lots of missing information fro this story (at least upon casual glance)

      Curious how old was the cat and were any condition noted prior? Seems there as at least some warning the her cat was difficult.

      DW hasn't had anything die of the table but grooms some very old dogs soon so later it may happen.

      Tough call for a groomer do you take on older animals or those with some conditions or just do you just tell these clients sorry I dont want end up in the newspaper as "that groomer."

      Unless this is negligence the whole animal dying situation is real tough spot for the groomer and a bummer for the owner - everyone loses.



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        Humm....same place that the dogs bows were wrapped around the ears...........
        Ain't always easy to stand up for what is right.


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          Good catch, Cyn!! I missed making that connection at first.
          There seems to be a serious lack of oversight at this locale.


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            Originally posted by HoneyandChewiespal View Post
            Good catch, Cyn!! I missed making that connection at first.
            There seems to be a serious lack of oversight at this locale.
            Agree! Wow, are they just shook up from the first event and now this or ? Whatever? I feel for the pets and owners coming in next.


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              Scary scary. You might be right, are they freaking out and losing concentration?


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                Two times the trouble.