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HELP! Trouble with hydraulic table

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  • HELP! Trouble with hydraulic table

    I have a hydraulic table (I took a photo but am not sure how to post it) that I have had for years. Suddenly it has trouble going down, sometimes it sticks and the pump lever won't work. Also at times it won't turn, just freezes in position. No fluids have leaked from it, so I assume the hydraulic fluid is still ok. Does anyone have any ideas what I can do? I cannot afford a new table as I just began my mobile business about 6 months ago!

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    We took ours to a local person who works on small hydraulics. We shopped prices a little before we picked one. It was definitely less expensive then a new table and has worked fine ever since.

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      I have the opposite problem my table won't stay up. It slowly works its way down. But not always. crazy hydraulics lol

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        Thank you! How do I go about finding a "hydraulics" person?


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          I found a local handyman that fixed hydraulics in other things, so he had no trouble contacting the manufacturer of our tables and took care of it. You are found to have a local handyman in your area.


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            YES! I love having a good handyman around, we found one in our local paper years ago and call him all the time on things not warranty covered.


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              Definitely get the name for future reference too of a local fixit, handyman. They come in handy as the name implies.