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  • Clipper vacuum questions

    Because I don't really want to shell out over $1500 on a system only to find out I hate it, we built a diy clipper vac using the Pet Playground attachment and the Home Depot shop vac top with a pail so I could get a feel for how it works.

    I do really like the fact that it cleans up the hair while I'm working, but I'm having some issues.

    First of all, the attachment won't stay in place, it keeps sliding up the clipper (Wahl KM 10 and Wahl KM10) and wobbling back and forth.

    Secondly, when I do hold it in place and do a side by side comparison (clip one side with the vac, one side the normal way), I just can't get it as nice with the CV as I can without.

    So I'm feeling a bit discouraged at the moment. Is this just an issue with the attachment or other part of my system, is it my type of clipper, is it operator error, or is it just CVs in general. I know lots of people rave about them but even the few videos I watched to try to figure out what I'm doing wrong I wasn't that impressed with the resulting haircut.

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    That attachment has some of the worst reviews I have ever seen for a tool. It DOES NOT WORK so dont let it upset you.

    Buy the Hanvey, Laube or Romani sho vac attachemtn kits. THEN get a router control switch to slow down the vacuum speed. That will show you what a real system is like
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      BTW, I meant KM10 and KM2.

      Thanks for the input. So I won't feel so bad that my puppy ate it!


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        I followed Parti's advice years ago: GOTTA have the router control ($20) to reduce vac speed & I LOVE my Romani attachment for my Bravura for all dogs with SS SOC or ivac for 7F/5F


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          I have the Hanvey with the adjustable rheostat, and it has been the best investment I've made for my shop. The clipper vacs do have a learning curve, so don't give up!


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            I do have the router control, just haven't been using it because the suction didn't seem to be that high to begin with. I'll try again with a better attachment.