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Coconut Oil Treatments for dogs with longer hair

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  • Coconut Oil Treatments for dogs with longer hair

    I would like to try a Coconut Oil Treatment as I keep hearing how good they are for them, especially the skin and how soft their coat is. I tried it and man he was still greasy. I don't want to dry out the coat washing it too deep as it will just ruin the oil treatment.

    I see videos where they just pack on pure oil and rub into the the dog but I've noticed they are all short haired. They say just to lightly shampoo afterward like it's no big deal to get all that oil out.

    Is there any special shampoos or tricks to this?

    I've heard if you put a shampoo on without water it helps get grease out as the water makes a barrier.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    I wish I knew more, but I like going on the inside. I feed my dogs some organic coco oil every day and they coats shine. It is also antibacterial, and if you are feeding a grain food, it slows absorption of starchy fillers.


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      I would like to know more. I add coconut oil to diet and to cook foods. So much healthier than canola and corn oil. Tons of side benefits and it is not quite as easily stored on the body.