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  • Can't see a difference

    This may be a repeat of a discussion from a number of years back but – Does anybody else have a problem with seeing a difference in some of the groom's? I have been playing lately by completing a dog and feeling very frustrated because I don't think that I've made a big difference and it's parents only to have the owners thrilled to death. In some instances I feel like an absolute fraud. I've neat and things and touched up lines sometimes the clippers haven't even really take that much off. Does anybody else go through this? Am I being hypercritical? Should I just take a few days off and forget about it?

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    I have a dog I groom, bichon-shin tzu mix, she comes every 4 weeks, gets #2 comb on body and #A on legs and head, nothing on ears and tail, and she doesn't seem to grow too much hair between grooms, so my husband says every time that he can't tell the difference, plus she is a therapy dog that goes to hospitals, so owner bathes her in between. So yes, there is not much difference, but the dog is clean and properly fluffed, nails are trimmed and the owner is always delighted. If the owners are happy, you have nothing to worry about. Even if the dog comes every 3 weeks and not much hair is taken off, you still clean ears, trim/dremel nails, check anal glands, right? Don't be too hard on yourself


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      The owners are the client. You're not the client, so it doesn't matter if you see or don't see a difference. The goal is to please the owners while being nice to the dog, and keeping the dog neat and comfortable. That's how I see it. I'm not an artist when it comes to grooming, so my viewpoint is very simple. Make the pet and the owner feel good. That's success


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        I once heard that for a business man to be successful, he should leave a barbershop looking exactly the way he went in. It had to do with maintaining your "look", and that you shouldn't let yourself go, because it looks unprofessional. With that in mind, you should be glad that the dog doesn't look different, as it means the owners don't "let the dog go". They take great care of it. Wish I could say the same thing about all of my clients!

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          I do a doodle every 3 weeks, and I can see a difference... paws cleaned up, nice tidy santi trim, hair is now clean and fluffed, tail is combed out, muzzle without lunch embedded in it, ears clean and fluffed out...........but not so much on the body length, 3/8" cut. Just trimming around eyes, hock, feet and having the hair clean and fluffy will change the appearance from before/after appearance.

          I groom my 6 doxies every 4 weeks and while I visually don't see a difference, but their hair is silky smooth and they smell great.....until they hit the yard 30 minutes later :>)

          Happy being appreciated

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            Agreed. Sounds like you have your clients so well trained that the drastic transformations are not happening because these dogs are returning for their hair care in a timely fashion. Enjoy this rarity while some of the rest of us are looking forward to the OAY spring pelted dogs coming in!


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              I prefer when I don't really see the difference than when a OYA dog come in and get a REALLY different face! That's a good maintenance you just have to cut a little there or there and the groom is complete!


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                Enjoy those easy grooms! Clean and fluffy always looks better to the owners.
                Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

                Groom on!!!


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                  Thanks everyone for your supportive responses. I'll try to keep a positive attitude about it and be happy the clients are happy