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IJA Announces State & Regional Dog Grooming Competition Teams

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  • IJA Announces State & Regional Dog Grooming Competition Teams

    The International Judges Association (IJA) announces the formation of state competition teams in the USA to participate in State, Regional and National Competitions.

    IJA will conduct qualification competitions in 2016 to score, rank and award titles to competitors who will represent their state in Level 4 Competitions.

    The qualifying competitions will be conducted at IJA Events throughout the United States to make it possible for everyone to participate in this new and exciting competition format.

    The competitions will offer Pure Breed and Free Style. Competitors must achieve a Level 3 to be on the Canine Styling Specialist Team, says Vivian Nash, co - founder of the International Judges Association. Dates and locations of the qualifying competitions will be posted on the IJA website.

    IJA has appointed a team of Qualifying Judges to evaluate competitors who are not able to travel to IJA Sanctioned Competitions who are interested in qualifying for their state team. If you are an active Level 3 competitor and interested in competing for your state team, please contact, Dr. Lennie Halstead.

    Applications for IJA State Team Coordinators will start March 1, 2016. If you are interested in organizing your state team please contact Dr. Lennie Halstead [email protected]

    Vivian Nash, co founder of IJA, industry speaker and grooming school owner believes the Free Style Class will be one of the biggest in the state, regional and national competitions due to the many new designer breeds and the high number of mixed breeds adopted every day in the USA thanks to the many rescue groups.

    Our IJA Grooming Competitions are moving with the times, says Tanya Slater, owner of the Nash Academy and the Nash Pet Salon. In a typical salon, the percentage of mixed breed dogs are higher than the pure breed dogs. Restricting the classes to just pure breeds eliminates so many excellent styling specialists simply because they do not have access to high quality pure breeds. The group of competitors who do have access to the show quality pure breeds are typically already active in the conformation world. This new format opens up exciting and rewarding opportunities for canine styling specialist throughout the USA.
    Coordinators post updates to the message for grooming events, members contests, Classified Ads, GroomerTALK Radio shows and Magazine online.

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    Freestyle sounds cool.