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Customer loses 3 pets in month

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  • Customer loses 3 pets in month

    So sad. one was just old at 18, another 12 and had cancer and other had a liver problem. Lots of tears in the shop, and she lost her husband last year. You know when you get in this business there can be lots of pain too sharing with your great customers and what happens to them. I call her each day for the last 3 days checking on her.

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    That's the hardest part of this job. We've lost two in the past week, both customers since we opened in 2005. Glad you're calling this customer, hope she gets another pup soon.


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      We lost 4 between Christmas Eve and January 2nd.
      2 were almost 19 years old and I'd been taking care of them since I started.
      1 was a sudden heart failure while at home. He reached up to kiss his owners face and fell over dead - 7 years old and no history of heart trouble.
      Last one came in one night in distress and the doctors couldn't find a cause. Treated with oxygen and fluids and kept in the oxygen tank overnight. She died in her sleep.

      Had one today - beautiful std poo - that was diagnosed with cancer three months ago. He's on chemo that is keeping it from spreading and the doctors are giving him another 6 months. He's bouncy and behaves as always but his cost is thinning ----- and he's lost all the fur on his head except for a swath in the middle. (Gave him s faux hawk ). But it's hard knowing that I'm not going to see him much longer.

      It's hard watching them grow older. It's harder still when they're gone.


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        Oh yeah been through this. Sorry to hear it.