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Rockville Kennel Sued for Dog's Death by Attack

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  • Rockville Kennel Sued for Dog's Death by Attack

    ROCKVILLE, Md. (WUSA9) -- In the fall of 2015, Mark and Yumi Klionsky decided to visit Paris. They coordinated flights and looked for a place to board their toy poodles - Peanut and Pumpkin.

    A friend recommended Life of Riley. It's a family owned business that describes itself as "boutique pet care"- offering services like doggie daycare, grooming, and doggie hotel suites.

    "It doesn't look like a kennel. I mean they've got these fancy suites with curtains and fancy cushions," Mark Klionsky said.

    Ratings on Yelp and Facebook were stellar and the Klionsky saw the majority of reviewers said they loved sending their pets there.

    The Klionskys say they only had one concern: big dogs.

    "Peanut is very tiny. She was less than five pounds," Yumi Klionsky said. "She is afraid of big dogs."

    So, by their account, they brought it up to the owners, Paul and Laura Abbott - more than once............
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    As an owner of a boarding kennel I can only ask "How stupid can one be??"
    That's why we don't have community play time here, ever. Dogs are brought out to individual runs one by one. Only housemates can run together, even then, it's not a given. Yes, it's more work for us, but the safety of the pet is the first priority!


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      Do NOT take chances. I see even in groomers letting a dog walk out to owner, and WHAM, another dog scares it, accident. We must escort every dog in hand, or on lead ANYWHERE. Good place I bet, but you cannot let up any second, that when it happens.


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        I normally don't pass judgement after reading this kind of article, because usually the article describes mostly owners' point of view and we don't really know the whole story. But in this case, I agree with the dog owner. It was an absolutely preventable situation. There was no reason to take all dogs - large and small- outside together, other than that it was easier for the employee. Like Petekids said, it takes more time and effort to keep everyone separate but it is well worth it to keep everyone safe.