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Take Dog for a Hike Before Groomer Visits

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  • Take Dog for a Hike Before Groomer Visits

    Dear Heloise: ..................
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    Not only does it tire them it allows them to "do their business" in their own yard instead of MINE! I have had to place a bucket at the entrance of my shop with a sign stating that "The Poop Goes Here" for some of them to get the message.......amazing that people wait to walk their dog AFTER they get to my home!


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      Yes please at least walk the dog before coming in.


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        So agree with walking your dog before grooming part. I have one customer, her dog is "house trained until she decides to go in the house." Every time she picks up the dog, she asks me if she pooped. When she didn't, the owner says, almost upset "that means, I will have to walk her?" Well...yes!


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          Yes, it works well for the energetic and excitable dogs, but not for the older, and arthritic ones. I've had to tell clients who live within walking distance to please not walk these guys before grooming-they're just too worn out.
          Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

          Groom on!!!