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  • Clientele question.

    I am a new groomer who just recently finished my apprenticeship. I am eager to start grooming and gaining my own clientele but I am uncertain of my future location as for my fiancé and i live in different states. The groomer I apprenticed with is very well know and is willing to take me on and let me groom with her in her shop. We have a pretty high demand for groomers in our area and i also am a veterinary technician so I see many future clients at the vet clinic that are in need of a groomer so I feel I could gain clientele pretty quickly. Is it fair to the clients to take them on if it maybe that I have to move states in the future?? Should I make them aware that it's a possibility?? And suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

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    If you go to a new restaurant/hairdresser/boutique/ gas station / even doctor or get in your area do they tell you that they may only be there for so many months?
    Business is business. You need to earn a living and improve your skills. If your mentor will help you out - go for it. If you end up moving out of state then you'll have an excellent reference base and you will find it easier to find a job in another salon if you have a solid work history and rave evaluations and support from a well established groomer. If you stay in the same area you have a business in place.
    Keep in mind that clients are clients. They are looking for a professional relationship with someone who they can entrust a cherished family member. Maintain a professional attitude and distance while concentrating on building your clientele


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      You don't need to make money or to improve your skills? Will your fiancé support you now and for the rest of your life? If so, send him my way (ha ha, just kidding)
      Sure, go for it!! Sounds like a fine opportunity. Good luck!


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        Groomers and clients come and go. 'Make hay while the sun shines'. You're in a great place now, and who knows what the future may bring.
        Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

        Groom on!!!


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          Agree with everyone here, always changing.