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  • Groom Expo trade show

    I'm going to the Groom Expo for the first time. Do they have good deals there? I have a list of tools I'd like to buy. I'm hoping for lots of free samples!

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    I don't know about this show, but there were no samples given out at fun in the sun in Orlando. I was a little disappointed. Not because I was looking for free stuff, but because I was just starting my own mobile grooming and was hoping I might get a chance to try out some of the other shampoos and stuff without dropping a ton of money.

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      Lot of good deals........YES

      Lot of free samples.........NO

      I've been going for 20+ years and every year the crowds seem to grow bigger and bigger. These last two years, if you didn't purchase certain items by Saturday afternoon, the dealer was sold out. They then would have to send them via mail, to complete your order. Get ready to be pushed, knocked into, standing in line at almost every booth, but also get ready for fun, happiness by all, tons of smiles from everyone, good deals, impressive grooming competitions, meeting well known groomers, meeting groomers from every corner of the world, and having an experience of comradely from fellow groomers.

      Happy enjoying Groom Expo

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        Usually you will find good deals on clipper blades, like a bogo, or a nice price on new clippers. Sometimes the big ticket items have been reduced in price a couple of hundred dollars...sometimes not. Samples can vary. Last year I got none, but the year before I did quite well. It will be hard to gauge how your experience will be since it is run by new owners at a new venue this year. Hopefully that will eliminate the debacle of last year when people couldn't get into seminars because they were full. Lots of angry people in the hallway! Perhaps that is why they have gone to individually pricing the seminars this year. They can just no longer offer the class when it is full. I looked at the seminars and was very excited to see Barbara Bird (BBird ) as one of the speakers. She has a vast wealth of knowledge. For those of you out of towners, the hotels closest to the new venue are the Marriott Atlanta Airport Gateway, and the Springhill Suites Atlanta Airport Gateway. You can walk to the new venue from them as they are on the property. Hope to see y'all there!


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          I think this is the Groom Expo in Pasadena. This will be my first one too. I plan on taking lots of classes and would be HIGHLY disappointed if I couldn't make it into the classes I plan on attending.


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            Lol. Guess I had the wrong grooming event! Have fun at the show.


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              Groomers Pro stopped by my shop with their fully stocked van and I received the show specials before Pasadena starts. There's deals on shampoo gallons, blades, Chris Christensen shears 3 for $200. Madra mud, buy 3 gallons get 4th free. That's all I remember. He gave me free samples also, albeit small ones.


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                Oh yes, they call that Groom Expo West.