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Good Websites for Show Standard Poodle Grooming/Care?

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  • Good Websites for Show Standard Poodle Grooming/Care?

    I just put a deposit down for my first conformation show Standard Poodle pup! Hopefully get him in the summer. The sire will likely be a 50 times Best in Show winner (breeder has 2 litters coming up so it depends on which litter has a show quality male) My breeder will be helping me, setting his pattern and teaching me how to band it etc. but I like to research the read up. Are there any good websites on showing poodles, grooming show coats/upkeep on show coats and such? I tried googling but haven't come up with too much.

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    As far as I know being involved with showing, the Standard Poo exhibitors and handlers are tight knit, unlikely to let outsiders in and all are secretive with grooming, tips and tricks, coat care, etc. You will find little to no info on it. You need to have your breeder hook you up with people in the know to get you started. I hope your breeder is trustworthy because there's a lot of "show" quality litters out there and breeders save their best pups for themselves and people who actively show and have champions already. A new buyer with no experience usually gets the last and its passed off as "show" quality. You need to know what you are buying. Study the breed, know the breed standard like a judge would. You need to see the pup move, its gait, reach. It's not only about looks.


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      We actually talked a lot about structure and movement while I was at her place today. She is very well respected in the conformation community, recommended by multiple groomers and show people I have talked with, and is a judge that flies all around the world to judge. She was very honest with me about any health issues she has seen in any of her lines, and about what she would like to improve on even in her own dogs. She chatted with me for 2 hours today and I was the one that said I had to leave to go home and let my dogs out, she was more than willing to keep chatting. We have already talked about handling classes and her helping me with putting my dog into pattern etc. I would be in her staging/grooming area at dog shows so she can help me there as well. Luckily also, I want a male and most breeders tend to take the females. I feel very comfortable getting a dog from her.


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        That's good that they are willing to mentor you. My breeder years ago did the same. That's really the only way into the "show community".


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          There are a couple of books you can get REALLY cheaply on Amazon... something like .01 - a dollar or so with 3.99 shipping.

          I like some of the classics. I found a lot of useful information about poodles in general in a very old book called The New complete poodle. I also think you would really like Poodle clipping and grooming: The international reference. In my opinion the last is a MUST have if you're going to do a lot of poodle grooming even at a show level and that first is just a delightful read and I did learn some things from it.

          I think brushing is the most important part of grooming a poodle. It's super important to get your puppy used to lying down on a table as it can take many hours to brush one out during the coat change. You have to tease each tangle out with a boar bristle brush or similar. It's extremely important not to break the hair at all... but particularly the long hair around the neck. You can't just comb tangles out really with a show coat as it will do too much damage to the hair. If you can pull the mats gently apart with your fingers and then tease the tangles free, you'll have much less breakage. You can also not 100% rinse out the conditioner you use or use a leave in conditioner. They used to oil the coats but I don't think people really do that much anymore. I would expect if you're going to be showing AKC that you might need to have a professional show groomer or handler groom your dog until you get very comfortable with what a groom is actually supposed to look like and how to make it accentuate your dog's good qualities and maybe lessen the bad. That takes real know how.

          I'm just rambling now... can you tell I'm getting a show poodle soon as well? Ha!

          Edited to add that I know you asked for websites but all I have to offer are books


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            Thanks! I will look into those books! I will be showing CKC (canadian kennel club) at least to start, maybe if I get his canadian champion I might, if I have the money, try for an american champion but we'll see haha.


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              Also Shirley Kalstone's books on poodles are awesome.