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Dryer burned up today

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  • Dryer burned up today

    What a day and a smelly one at that. Our K92 burned up inside, yeech. Like out of nowhere, sputter sputter boom shish and smoke. Fortunately we had another available but held up the groomers a bit. Always have a backup!

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    I had a dryer once start shooting sparks!! Ah! Yes, Thank goodness for backup dryers! Though it sucked to go from my super high powered one to one with a lot less power. I was like 'how did I use to groom with this hunk of junk!'


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      Yep. I've had sparks, burning up, and shooting out soot. Just another reason to never leave a dog unattended under a dryer. You just never know what may happen.
      Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

      Groom on!!!


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        Repair guy says it can be repaired for $100 and think boss will do it but save as backup. It is not under warranty. I remember when I first started grooming people would say have extra blades, extra lots of things. So true.


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          Sometimes they give you hints of going out, and other times, quite a show. We usually repair and keep for backup too if the cost is reasonable.


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            We had 2 not so old ones got out within a month and after months learned that we had very uneven electricity coming into our building electrician said it may have done it. Landlord rewired some of the building.