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Wendy Sykes Helps Dogs Find a Home

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  • Wendy Sykes Helps Dogs Find a Home

    She credits her work as a groomer to her success.

    ST. ANTHONY — For just over two years, one woman has made it possible for many dogs in St. Anthony to find a home.

    Volunteering with the St. Anthony Pound, Wendy Sykes is dedicated to making sure that dogs that end up in the pound find good homes and don’t have to be put down.

    According to Sykes, the St. Anthony Pound is a “kill-shelter,” and after being there for three days dogs could be euthanized.

    Sykes said work begins after dogs are held the required number of days at the pound.

    “As the officers pick up dogs running at large, they keep the dogs the State-required number of days waiting for the owners to claim them,” Sykes said. “If the owners do not come forward after the required days, the city then calls me.”

    After gathering enough information, Sykes then makes use of social media, posting pictures on several pet-related Facebook pages.

    “I then take as many pictures as possible of the dogs and post them on several Facebook pages, such as Pets N Supplies of Eastern Idaho,” she said...................
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    Go Wendy!